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Soul singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performs at weddings, functions and club gigs.

“Music makes the world go round.”

Nicole exuded a great passion for music early in life. At age four, she began playing on a miniature keyboard and her initial fascination instantly turned into a deep love. Nicole began formal piano lessons the following year, studying classical music. She also displayed an effortless interest in a variety of artistic outlets; including painting, writing poetry or lyrics and dancing. Studying at Berklee College of Music was an amazing time of her life from 2010-2012. She studied with renowned teachers and songwriters and received her BA in Songwriting in December of 2012. Nicole made a goal to listen to one new artist each day in all genres of music. She still doesn’t go a day without doing this.

Practicing diligently, Nicole’s efforts were rewarded when she won the Charlottesville, VA CMTA-YOCA piano concerto competition performing Mozart’s Concerto No. 21 in C Major. The youngest to ever win this competition to date, at only age 12, she was rewarded by performing the concerto for an audience of more than 1,000 at Old Cabell Hall in the University of Virginia. This experience profoundly touched and motivated Nicole to embrace a commitment to share music with others and pursue a career in music.

As a teenager, Nicole devoted countless hours to writing, recording and performing live shows. Between the ages of fourteen to sixteen, she was in the studio daily, self-producing her original songs. Drawing from a diverse list of genres – soul, hip hop, funk, rock, pop and r&b music – Nicole crafts an authentic and sincere sound that appeals across stylistic boundaries. The majority of Nicole’s inspiration comes from personal experiences. Her songwriting has always been a “huge part of my healing process.” She hopes her lyrics offer solace to those who have also experienced and overcome struggles. Her rich, soulful vocal style radiates a warmth of spirit that mends the broken heart.

In addition, Nicole coaches students and teaches private and group voice, violin, piano, and songwriting/composition lessons for all ages and levels. In 2014 alone, she performed over 200 weddings, functions and club gigs as lead vocalist of Good Will and Them Apples band of Sugarbabies Inc. Now she has committed more time to write and compose music daily before going into the studio to create her next album while still focusing on helping others achieve their dreams too.

Nicole - SOUL SINGER, SONGWRITER AND MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST, Violinist, piano, vocalist -www.wendoevents.com Nicole, Violinist - wendoevents.com

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